Open Positions at the Farm


Faith Farms is always looking for people who want to learn, grow and help build Gary and the Emerson District.  Faith Farms does not trade food, education or housing for labor. All employees are are paid a reasonable hourly wage. 

To apply for a position:


Do Not Come to the Farm - Send us an email with Subject "Employment 2019" and answer the following 

1) Your Phone Number and current address.
2) Your age (you must be mature enough for physical and risky farm work) 
3) Your farming or physical labor experience with three references. Include their phone number, email., and The dates you worked for them.
4) Your availability (dates and time) to come to the farm for an interview. 
5) The date you wish to start working and intended length of stay
6) Do you have a current drivers license?
7) Are you legal to work in the United States?
8) Are you able to work weekends and do you have any prior commitments that would bar you from working any days during the season?
9) Explanation of why you would be a great fit at Faith Farm


Send email to


Faith Community Development Corporation 2019

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